STATIC (2016)

Photos © Ali & Gilli Glatt, 2016

Choreographed & Performed: Mariam Dingilian
Lighting Design: Andy Dickerson
Sound Design: Mariam Dingilian
Costumes: Mariam Dingilian
Illustrations: Neena Ellora
Videography: The Fleet

Past Performances
Movement Research Open Performance Series, December 2015
7th Annual Comedy in Dance Festival, Triskelion Arts, April 2016
STATIC, Premiered at Triskelion Arts' Split Bill, December 2016

The work delves into the subconscious world of a performer or imposter or friend or foe, confined by the four-walls of your television. With each channel, she confronts the inner-workings of her mind through galactic quests that constantly shift with the static...