Curtain Call (2014)

Photos © Jim Coleman, 2014

Choreographed & Performed by Mariam Dingilian
Lighting Design: Brenda Cortina
Sound Design: Mariam Dingilian with Peter Jones

Past Performances
Premiered at Mount Holyoke College, Kendall Studio Theater, March 2014
Reprised at Mount Holyoke College, Kendall Studio Theater – Commencement Concert, May 2014

A study of authenticity, performance, and circumstance through the eyes of a so-called performer. A conflicted heroine who explores the nature and meaning of performance and the will to create. Inspired by the writings of Tennessee Williams, Curtain Call examines the performer's public and private world, probing the boundaries of self-doubt, sensitivity, and sanity, and chronicling her search for richness and joy.