Photo © Gilli Glatt

Photo © Gilli Glatt


Mariam Dingilian is a multidisciplinary artist, choreographer, performer, and actor based in New York City. She has presented her work at Mark Morris Dance Center, Mount Holyoke College, Movement Research Open Performance Series, Triskelion Arts, Green Space, Green Kill (Kingston, NY), and the School for Contemporary Dance and Thought (Northampton, MA). 

Mariam graduated from Mount Holyoke College with a B.A. in Dance, minor in Chinese Language. In 2014, she was awarded "Contributions in Choreography" by the Mount Holyoke College Dance Department. While at Mount Holyoke College and the Five College Dance Department (FCDD), she performed in works by Monica Bill Barnes, Jim Coleman & Terese Freedman, Merce Cunningham, Olana Flynn, Nina Joly, Paul Matteson, Ohad Naharin, among others; she has most recently led a movement workshop at Pomfret School (Connecticut). She has also collaborated with artists Neena Ellora and Ali & Gilli Glatt.


"My choreographic work aims to uncover the complex nuances of character and instincts by use of contemporary dance forms, improvisational structures, alter-egos, and gestural mime work. I am intrigued by movement that is, on the one hand logical and direct, and on the other, transient and fragile enough to fail, crumble, or disappear at any moment. Thus, I am interested in the innate humor in so-called failure and success while failing and (hopefully) succeeding onstage. I am interested in acting/non-acting, people watching, satire, and beautiful cinematography; I am inspired by my love of variety shows; The Ballet Russes; Butoh; The Simpsons; Dada & Bauhaus art and film." 

– June 2017


"...easily an audience favorite..." – Isabella Bruni, Queens Chronicle